Gown IT offer a flexible and down-to-earth approach to Consulting. We aim to fit into your plans, offering flexible consulting services - we understand users don't always know what they want! One of the defining principals of Gown IT is to do things right. We have learnt from many years of experience that spending time doing things right in the first place saves time later and is better all round.

Where possible we try to implement SharePoint Out-of-the-box functionality tailored to your requirements. Ensuring no more Custom development is implemented than is strictly necessary, through a thorough understanding of the capabilities of SharePoint, offers a number of advantages:

  • Faster - Customising existing SharePoint functionality to meet the needs of your users saves a vast amount of time compared to designing, building, testing and deploying bespoke developments
  • Easier to Manage - As you are simply managing a standard environment rather than troubleshooting custom developments.
  • Simpler - Keeping it simple and consistent helps not only users but also IT Support departments who have a more predictable system to support.

 "I can honestly say that’s best service and commitment I have ever had from any supplier"

IT Manager, NHS Hospital

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