SharePoint Health checks
Special Offer! Purchase 1 days Consulting to receive a 1 day SharePoint Health check and a free 1/2 day implementing required changes

This offer applies to small SharePoint environments only, maximum of 2 servers, however we would be more than happy to extend a similar offer to those with larger environments.

SharePoint is used by many organisations large and small but often there is a lack of knowledge around the maintenance and support of SharePoint environments. A SharePoint Health check is a great starting point to improving understanding and ensuring a stable and performant environment for the future.

Our SharePoint health checks involve an experienced SharePoint Infrastructure Consultant analysing the Infrastructure of your SharePoint environment and compiling a report on what changes or improvements are necessary. The report is categorised into 3 areas:

  • Critical - Changes required urgently as they may cause the system to experience downtime in the next 3 months
  • Important - Changes which should be considered in the short term to ensure the system continues to be performant in the medium term
  • Best Practice - Changes which may not affect the stability or performance of the system but should be made to fall inline with best practice.

Advice will also be given on the time likely to be required to implement any of the required changes. If required, some knowledge transfer can be included in the SharePoint Health check to ensure In-house staff have a better appreciation of the SharePoint Infrastructure and its maintenance and support.

If you would like any further information or to arrange a SharePoint Health check, please Contact us.